JustBooks now in 13 cities! Branch at Indore.

JustBooks CLC launches it’s 1st branch at the Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh. Located in the affluent area of Old Palasia, JustBooks looks to delight not just the reading enthusiasts but will cater to the readers from Toddlers to Teens, Dabblers to Bookworms in Indore.



The ‘Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh’ can now enjoy the JustBooks services. Order and read your favourite books in the comfort of your home with the door delivery services. Choose from a wide collection of books in 39 categories with just one JustBooks membership, which can be used by the entire family.

Commenting on the launch, Ajay the franchisee of JustBooks, Indore said “JustBooks is a unique concept, very popular in South India. As Indore is the commercial & cultural hub of Madhya Pradesh, people will surely benefit & enjoy reading”.

The readers and book lovers of Indore, head to our branch in Old Palasia and start reading today, because as they say ‘Why buy, when you can borrow from a wide collection of books?’.

Address: JustBooks, Plot No.1/2, Shop No.U.G.3, Old Palasia Indore- 452008| Call 9589536534 | http://www.justbooksclc.com



6 reasons why paper books are the best!

The debate of paper books vs e-books seems to be a never ending discussion, but there are readers who vouch for paper books and will at no cost ever switch over to an e-book. Well, each one of us love paper books for a reason, here are 6 reasons, why paper books are the best.

  1. There is no replacement for the joy you feel as you browse through racks of books in a library or a bookstore.


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2. Ahh! the smell of books, old or new and how they put a smile on you everytime.


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3. The amazing feeling that washes over you as you cozy up with a paperback on a rainy day.ded9d12d72489763ca77aa5a511c561c.gif

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4. A companion in all your travel,a getaway as you wait for a friend who always turns up late.


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5. The pride you feel as you fill up your shelves or stack a set of library books on your coffee table.


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6. The sense of accomplishment you feel, as you turn the last page of the book to officially complete reading it.


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BookTalk with Vani, author of ‘The Recession Groom’

Publishing a book is hard work and not all rosy as it seems to be. Vani, the debut author of ‘The Recession Groom’, shares her experience with JustBooks on her journey of becoming an author from the publishing to the marketing.

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Is Failed Marriage the end of the road for a woman?

Excerpts from Meet-the-Author program with Sujata Rajpal, author of The Other End of the Corridor


Meet-the-Author program, at Just Books clc Mysore, got an opportunity to interact with the Mysore based author Sujata Rajpal whose debut novel The Other End of the Corridor The book is already into its second edition. The story revolves around domestic abuse and resilience of today’s woman in such circumstances.

In the rapid fire session, Pallavi V. Kumar , MC for the day threw light on bringing awareness about taking help from life coach and relationship counsellor when marriage has weak links.

Reads For Kids

Hello Parents,

Now that you know all about the importance of summer reading for expanding your child’s mental horizons and preparing him for the upcoming new school year (if you missed our article on the same, click here); here’s a little help from JustBooks for picking the right books for the young minds at home. While shortlisting the books, care has been taken that they are age appropriate and appealing to young readers. We have tried to include books which will not only enhance your child’s vocabulary but also feed his or her imagination and help cultivate a taste for books and reading.
Read on to know what JustBooks has picked for this year’s summer…

The Rusty Series by Ruskin Bond:

Ruskin Bond has been a huge favorite with growing children for years now! However, the books belonging to the Rusty series are the ones to which children respond to exceedingly well. The tales of adventure, animals, friendship and love which the books are a store to, makes this series a perfect read for children during summer breaks. Start with Rusty the Boy from the Hills and then you can rent out Rusty Runs away, Rusty Goes to London, Rusty Comes Home and many more.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl:


Roald Dahl will do to your child’s imagination what water does to plants. If you are yet to introduce your kid to Roald Dahl, then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an excellent book to start with. However, if your child has already read that, JustBooks will be more than happy to provide you with more titles by this wonderful children’s writer. You see, a child can never have enough of Roald Dahl.

Rent the book here

Malgudi Days by R.K. Narayan:

malgudi days

R.K. Narayan is one of the best Indian children’s authors to rent out for your children. His Malgudi Days has myriad enticing characters and some exciting stories which will have your children hooked to the book through their summer breaks!

Rent the book here

Tenali Raman:

tenali raman

Tenali Raman is a breezy summer read for children. It has wit, humor, interesting characters and some really entertaining situations in which the genius of Tenali Raman wins the day!

Rent it here 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney:


Children love Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and with good reasons! It is about a child in their age bracket and the various adventures and misadventures he goes through – something that all young children love to read about because it is something that they can connect to!

Rent the book here 

The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton:


Reading Enid Blyton is an important part of growing up. It is a rite of passage towards reading more mature books. The Famous Five series has been one of Enid Blyton’s best and most-loved books. Start with Five on a Treasure Island which is the first book from Blyton’s Famous Five series.

Rent he book here 

The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan:


Children are attracted to tales of mythological heroes, monsters and demi-gods. The Percy Jackson series with its half mortal, half Greek-God young hero and his fast-paced adventures are the perfect books to rent out for young readers.. Start your child’s Percy Jackson endeavour with Percy Jackson: Lighting Thief.

Rent it here

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery:


Books like the ones from the Percy Jackson and the Famous Five series are definitely important for developing a reading habit since they are highly entertaining. However, a good reading taste and an appreciation of books can only be developed with classics. It is important to get your children into reading classics from a young age to give their taste in books a good foundation. Anne of Green Gables is a bright sunny classic, well suited to the mood of summers. It also has a child protagonist and children tend to like a book instantly when the main protagonist is someone their age. This brings us to our second recommendation in the genre of classics which is Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. This classic by Mark Twain is young, vibrant and full of mischief, adventure and excitement. In spite of being published in 1876, Adventures of Tom Sawyer remains one of the most widely recommended classics, till date.

Rent Anne of Green Gables here  Rent Adventures of Tom Sawyer here

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling:


This first book in the Harry Potter series requires no introduction and as a parent you probably know it already that renting this book out for your young child is one of the best things you can do to his or her childhood. Harry Potter is never just a book for children. It is a parallel world which captivates their imagination and nurtures in them a deep love for reading. This particular recommendation is a no-brainer but since no list of reads for growing children can ever be complete without Harry Potter, we just have to put it here. Start your child’s wonderful magical journey into Potter’s world by renting the book here

We sincerely hope JustBooks can collaborate with all you wonderful parents in creating enthusiastic young readers over this summer! If you are yet to be a member then sign up with us soonest by clicking here. (link to sign up page).
Summers are here, let’s start reading!!!

Summer Time, Reading Time

Summers come with the promise of mangoes, icicles, cool drinks and extra play-time for kids. This summer, how about you add something educational to the summer of your little ones, without losing out on all the summer fun? Yes, I am talking about story books – loads and loads of them!


Growing up, summers for me meant extra reading time and my parents were always proactive in furnishing me with a fresh bundle of books to be enjoyed! My summer time reading helped me develop as a child and now on introspection, I have to say that summers breaks are the best time to initiate your kids further into the wonderful world of books.
Read on to know why…

Abundance of time: Homework, projects and exams are the order of the day for school kids these days. Yes, there is indeed time to read books but in the summer breaks time is all you’ve got! Without impending homework and assessments, kids are in the best state of mind, to just indulge in the joy of reading. During school days I would always have to ration my reading time but when the summer breaks would start I could read for hours on end as there was no compulsion to set the book down. This chance to read to one’s heart desire is the gift of summer breaks and is absolutely essential to develop your child’s flair for reading! Their minds are more relaxed and hence their imagination is free to soar. It is just the perfect time to fall in love with books! Give them some Roald Dahl and make their summer!

To utilize the abundant time masterfully: It is a fact universally known that children have very impressionable minds just waiting to get molded. Books, beyond doubt are the best sculptors. Summer breaks are usually transition phases from one grade to another. Reading story books at this time will enhance their existing pool of knowledge in terms of vocabulary, perspectives, exposure and even writing style with older kids. Their summer time reading will prepare them better for the next stage of learning that they will be entering into. Besides, what better way than books to keep the young-hearts out of mischief!

Tip: While renting books, make sure they offer one step more than what your child is used to reading so that there is a learning gradient. For example, the summer breaks would be the perfect time to move from picture books to short stories.

Because books are educational and fun: After a long school year, it makes sense for the kids to grimace and whine when you try to sit them down to study during the summer break. However, this problem is seldom faced with story books. This is because in spite of being educational, books are a lot of fun as it involves learning through stories. Renting out books for kids will ensure that they get their regular dosage of learning during the summer break and enjoy themselves at the same time! Story books are all about learning in the spirit of the vacation!

Now that you know how important it is to fill the summer breaks of your children with books, let’s move on to the best way to procure these worded treasures. Gift your child a membership at JustBooks! At JustBooks we have an entire Young Readers section filled to the brim with some wonderful age-appropriate children’s reads to keep your mischief makers occupied all summer. To know about our summer break recommendation for kids, click here.
Have a great summer!

Aroon Raman on The Treasure of Kafur and more

Aroon Raman’s life took a different trajectory when he sold his family business enterprise, Raman Boards to ABB in 2007 to pursue his creative calling of embarking on the journey of writing. Inspired by favorite authors such as William Dalrymple, Conan Doyle and Rider Haggard, Raman gave India two best-selling novels – The Shadow Throne and The Treasure of Kafur. His The Shadow Throne is a nail-biting thriller dealing with the aversion of a planned sub-continental nuclear holocaust; set within the shadowy circumference of Pakistan’s ISI and India’s RAW. After this action packed adventure hit shelves Aroon Raman started attracting comparisons with Robert Ludlum.


Upon the release of his second book, The Treasure of Kafur, JustBooks arranged for a BookTalk with the best-selling author of this historical fiction. The Treasure of Kafur captures the Mughal empire at a time when its fate hangs in balance as Kafur’s tremendous treasure lies in the hands of the enemy and the illustrious Akbar must join hands with a young Dattatreya to restore order. In our enriching tete-a-tete with Aroon Raman, the author speaks to us about how he carefully filtered facts and fused it with fiction to create the story for this adventure saga of the Mughal era and the reasons behind his fascination to this period in Indian History. He tells us about how he sculpted the main protagonist of Dattatreya through veneers of non-violence as well as violence and created characters such as Rana Pratap from the force of his imagination. Hearing Raman talk about the emotional as well as the creative investment which he put into the process of writing this novel is sure to make you feel involved with the writer in this creative offering of his!

In this BookTalk we also have Raman talking about his transition from listening to oral renditions of folk tales and mythologies while growing up to taking up the pen to create his own stories. We have him sharing with us the plans for his future writing endeavors and the yet to be published sequel to The Shadow Throne. Through this BookTalk he has also reached out to his readers urging them to write to him and take up writing.

Thank you Aroon Raman for a wonderful conversation and your kind words on JustBooks!