A paradigm shift

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by once again. We’re positive you’ve read the previous post explaining our objective behind starting the JUST BOOKS CLC blog here in cyberspace.
In this post, we want you to know a little more about ourselves. Yup, we know you are aware of us as a library but there’s more to it than meets the eye.
JUST BOOKS clc is a new generation book library chain that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books for every type of reader – Toddlers to Teens, Dabblers to Bookworms under a modern, vibrant ambience with effective use of technology.
In case you are wondering, the clc in ‘JUST BOOKS clc’ is an acronym and stands for ‘community library chain.’  Our aim is to be present in every community neighborhood catering to readers’ requirements – English as well as other regional languages.
At JUST BOOKS clc – we have leveraged technology like never before. Over 15,000 books ( & counting!) have been tagged using Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) chips.  These RFID chips enable us to keep track of each book’s location in the library, the current reader etc. Further, thanks to this tool, our warehouse of books enables us to provide a shared inventory across all our libraries.  What this means to you, dear member, is that if a book of your choice is unavailable at, lets say, the Indiranagar library, we can source it from any of our other 3 libraries, in a day or two! Howzzat?
At JUST BOOKS clc, we’ve made the transition from being a typical manually-operated library to an automated library.  Ergo, all you need to do is present your e-Card at the unmanned kiosk, rent ( or, return ) your book with a few swipes on the touchscreen! ‘Tis convenience personified, we assure you!
This investment in a robust technology platform has made it possible for us to realize our vision: to get every book to a reader and get every reader his/her book!
PS: Stay tuned here for a Q & A session with the man who’s behind this venture & innovation.

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  1. Hi there…stumbled upon your blog through google. very interesting, your concept. could you tell me where on earth in bangalore are the just books library’s?


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