Rank & Smile

Well, its that time of the year, folks.  Nope, we aren’t referring to either the impending visit by Santa or the sincerely-drafted-but-always-forgotten-by-mid-January New Year resolutions .

We are referring to that annual exercise where books are judged not by their creative covers but by their content. Its a difficult exercise when you consider, for instance, that Publishers Weekly has chosen 100 best books out of 50,000 volumes! Its also highly subjective…no two forums listed below have common books in the Top 10 rankings.

Without further ado, here are links to a couple of websites who have announced their rankings for the year:

The New York Times

Bestsellers @ About.com ( list includes a critically acclaimed book ‘Cutting for Stone’ by Dr. Abraham Verghese, he of India born parents!)

People’s Choice @ About.com ( one of our favourite authors – Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Outliers’ is listed here! )

Amazon.com ( Has a Top 100 customer favourite list as well, ranked according to customer orders. So which book is ranked #1? Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol. Go figure!)

Publishers Weekly


PS: Our next post is more visual than text…some pictures of our Indiranagar Library…..stay tuned!