Nook in a corner?

In a Q & A session with the New York Times recently, CEO Jeff Bezos was fiesty & belligerent, provoked by his interviewer’s comparison of the Kindle, an electronic reader brought out by Amazon two years ago & a best seller, with several rival e-readers coming out in time for Christmas.  In particular, the Nook, an e-book reader by rival store, Barnes & Noble.

When asked ” Initially, Amazon sold books exclusively, but it has since expanded into a retail omnivore that sells basketballs and vacuum cleaners and hamster food and everything under the sun. What is your goal, exactly?”, he replies:

We want to have earth’s biggest selection. Earth’s biggest river, earth’s biggest selection.

You can’t help but admire the man for his ambition.

Here’s the URL (Source: New York to the complete Q & A session.  Check it out!


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