Introducing the nook

We do hope ( make that one BIG hope! ) that this post of ours catches Mr. Bezos’s attention ( & annoyance ) for its continuing focus on the Nook, an ebook reader from rival online bookstore, Barnes & Noble. You have read our previous post on the subject, haven’t you?

Plenty of reviews out on the web for the Nook. Here are some of them: – ‘ While it has a few kinks, the Nook’s extra features make it a worthy and enticing alternative to the Kindle.’ – ‘ With the right software revisions, the Nook could be a tsunami, but as it stands right now, it’s only a mild swell.’ – ‘Nook is quite a winner.’ – ‘Not yet the season for a nook.’ – ‘……but if we had to opt into any ebook user experience on the market right now, we’d opt for the Barnes & Noble nook.’ – ‘….It can’t kill Kindle yet, but it’s an alternative worth considering.’

Here’s an image (Source: San Jose that compares 3 different e-readers.

We are a little wishy-washy on the book vs. e-reader debate. With a book, its possible to curl up with one on a lazy afternoon in a quiet corner over a steaming hot cup of coffee / pakoras. Can’t imagine curling up with an e-reader….!!!!