Booked today

Shah Rukh Khan may be the badshah of bollywood and all that but as far as we are concerned, him being a book addict is all that matters.  In the past, he has gone on record as citing ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams as his personal favourite. The Bollywood Badshah also … More Booked today


Ah! There is so much to say today that we, er, do not know where to begin. Meanwhile, here’s what we are currently ingesting:

Of books & languages…

We came across this report (on similar lines to the TIME magazine report posted by us here recently) in the London Book fair website: The popularity of the book is increasing in India as the economy thrives and spending habits change. We take comfort in this development, for sure. After all, we do offer our … More Of books & languages…

The new kid on the block

Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing Picture Source Cost: $499, 16gb model & $699 , 64gb model, $829 with 3G Product features:  9.7inch, LED backlit screen, 0.5 inch thick, 1.5lbs, 10hours of battery life, 140,000 apps, multi touch input, 16-64 gb of flash storage, wifi, bluetooth, speakers, accelerometer & a compass Apple also took aim at rivals with … More The new kid on the block

Question time

2 events that led to this post of ours. Yesterday, in an article titled ’60 years of  Wisdom & Insight’  DNA Bangalore published quotes from women across Bangalore  commenting about what Republic Day meant to them.  Reshma Pooviah had this to say: …..and, if we could only improve the quality of our politicians, India will … More Question time

The King of Horror

Two compelling films we would strongly recommend viewing: As it happens, both films are adaptations of books written by the inimitable Stephen King. We came across this recent writeup about the author and film adaptations from among his prolific (40 novels and counting!) works: Everybody’s heard of him, and everybody’s been scared by him at … More The King of Horror

A booming industry

TIME magazine has a report on the Jaipur Lit Festival and also a wee bit about the state of the publishing industry in India. The Indian market, despite being considered one of the fastest growing in the world for English language titles, is unique in the world. Unlike in the U.S., where purists lament the … More A booming industry