Is Dilbert with you? Ha!

“People’s minds are changed through observation and not through argument”

Will Rogers

Hmmm. It can be argued (amicably!) that visitors to the Indiranagar Branch of JustBooks will just not fail to observe the vast number of Dilbert books that are just waiting to be picked up from the racks alongside the reception counter.

Dilbert, as many will attest, is arguably (amicably, again!) the finest comic strip of its type that satirizes white collar workers and the foibles of top management in companies and organisations. Its creator, Scott Adams, admits to have worked 10 years of his life through a number of “humiliating and low paying jobs, including bank teller (robbed twice at gunpoint too!)” before he began drawing the Dilbert strip in his free time.

Dilbert cartoons have a global audience, appearing in 2,000 newspapers (not to mention on the cover of business magazines such as ‘Fortune’) in 70 countries, making it a very successful comic strip and its owner – richer than if he were an employee, for sure. The Dilbert website,, was the first syndicated comic strip to go online in 1995 and is the most widely read syndicated comic on the Internet. Thirty episodes of the Dilbert animated television show have run on TV.

With one in every six people in the world being an Indian, how can one ignore the Indian connection in the cartoon strip? Ergo, Asok, the intern. A graduate from IIT, Asok’s character is based on & named after a friend/co-worker of Scott Adams during his working years. Adept at solving difficult problems in a few keystrokes, he’s far out at sea when it comes to office politics – often made the butt of jokes by the pointy haired one a.k.a the Boss.

If you are a Dilbert fan, there is arguably (101% amicably now!) no reason why you should not take out a membership, pronto, with JustBooksclc – we have nearly all the comics / books! And remember, no matter which branch of JustBooksclc you are a member with, we can source ‘unavailable’ books from other branches just for you.

Here’s a picture of a few Dilbert comics / books that are yours for the renting, reading & of course, returning! 🙂

PS:  Interesting posts coming up over the next few days. A Q&A with Bishwanath Ghosh, author, ‘Chai Chai Travels in places where you stop but never get off’.  A new category being opened – ‘Libraries in India’ that will give you an insight about the history of libraries. Another category – ‘Random’ which will cover, well, random & not so random issues. Stay tuned, folks!