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One useful purpose of the Freakonomics blog (of any blog, really!) is to make random reflections on random subjects-including, as it turns out, the subject of randomness itself.

~ Freakonomics, Steven D Levitt & Stephen J Dubner ~

Hmm. While we’ll leave the subject of randomness & random pontifications on the same to the experts, we’ll take this opportunity to summarise random happenings – news titbits, if you will – in the world of books over the past week, for your reading pleasure.  Here we go.

We read recently that Australian PM Kevin Rudd has just released a book for, hold it now! – children!!! Under that ‘brook no-nonsense’ demeanour, could the man be a softy at heart?! The book titled ‘Jasper and Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle’  Down under, KR is seen as a leader for the times, tweeting & blogging away. In a recent tweet, though, he said that he felt ‘sod‘ at the passing of a doctor friend!!

Abracadabra! Harry Potter appeared on the literary scene 10 years ago and boy, we’ve still not recovered from his magic spell. Nor the author’s charm, we add.

We’re positive you have come across products, for various reasons, being recalled by their manufacturers, but can you remember a book being recalled? Honest now, please.  Here’s news about that dubious distinction.

Talking about milestones, how about this one? The Little Golden Books, from Random House, have sold over two billion books, enough to reach the moon, we are told. Five of the top six spots on Publishers Weekly’s list of children’s hardcover bestsellers from their date of publication through 1995 are Little Golden Books.

Over the years, writing books has sometimes turned into a dangerous profession. Authors have been reviled, their effigies (&books) burnt, fatwas issued et al. The worst, though, has sadly come true for this Bulgarian author, shot dead in cold blood by gangsters he was writing about!

Hope you’ve liked this collection of stories – a weekly roundup of sorts – that remains true to one objective we want to be specific about – being random!


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