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Picture source:  Reuters as excerpted from an article in the Dawn, Pakistan

We came across this commentary on the state of the reading habit with children across our western border and could not help but share it with you. There are parallels to the issue in India as well. For instance, it is a fact that reading habits with many of our children have become a casualty, in part due to the combined onslaught of PC’s/Games, internet, television, mall culture, ubiquitous mobiles & the SMS culture etc

Encouraging reading should be an ongoing process and a collective effort by parents, teachers, publishers and education planners

We couldn’t agree more with the above sentiment. But hey, let us hasten to add that we are doing our bit to alleviate the problem. Come over to any of the 4 JustBooksclc libraries across Bangalore and you’ll find the best of children’s & young reader’s books with us to rent, read & return, all in equal measure!


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