The need to read

Well,  you could say we are repeating ourselves. This post too continues on the lines of our previous one on the subject of the reading habit amongst children. Its important, right?!

A report in the Deccan Herald of yesterday talks about the following proposal of the Central Board of School Education:

Students from class 5 onwards could soon be rewarded on their reading habits under a CBSE proposal to use a new evaluation system to encourage children to read storybooks.

The board has asked affiliated institutions to include reading habits among parameters to be used in the comprehensive and continuous evaluation (CCE) of students in English, and has even proposed a reading list.

We tell you, we can’t wait to see what that reading list contains.  We select children’s & young reader’s books with care and diligence and for all you know, many of the books in the proposed reading list will be on our  shelves.

But that’s for you to find out.  Do drop in to any one of our 4 libraries ( 2 more coming up soon! ) for a dekho at our collection. Search for books using our interactive kiosks. Talk to our managers & staff.  Ask our members’ some questions.

You’ll find enough answers to become a member yourself !!



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