Blowing Hot. Blowing cold.

Weatherwise or otherwise, we just had to share this news with you:

Under a little-known contract provision titled “Extreme Temperature Procedures,” unionized workers at branches of the New York Public Library can accrue compensatory time when the temperature inside dips below 68 degrees for a couple of hours. Similar clauses exist for libraries across the city.


Well, we intend to keep our 4 libraries ( 2 more coming up in Kalyan Nagar & HSR Layout soon ) open 6 days (Mondays are off) a week, come rain or shine.

We’ve just overcome the winter season too without any of our library staff ( nor, for that matter, franchisee owners!) freezing.  Business is hot.

With summer season approaching, should members get hot under the collar,  all our libraries offer the chill factor:  Airconditioning! Just a small value addition to a whole host of other things – a wide range of books, RFID based technology, pocket friendly pricing, referral programmes etc etc- to keep our members happy.

No sweat, really!