The King of Horror

Two compelling films we would strongly recommend viewing:

As it happens, both films are adaptations of books written by the inimitable Stephen King.

We came across this recent writeup about the author and film adaptations from among his prolific (40 novels and counting!) works:

Everybody’s heard of him, and everybody’s been scared by him at some point. No, we’re not talking about Michael Jackson (too soon?). We’re talking about Stephen King.

Here are two reviews of his latest book ‘Under the Dome’.

Stephen King may have chills ride up and down your spine but he’s no stranger to using technology to reach wider audiences.

King, who has published more than 40 novels since 1974, read an excerpt from his new novella, Ur – which is being released exclusively for the Kindle.

Experimenting with the ebook format is not new to him either:

In 2000 he released the first ever mass market ebook, Riding the Bullet, which was downloaded by half a million readers in a couple of days. He followed this up with the story of a supernatural vine, The Plant, which he published in ebook format using an honour system asking readers to pay for each instalment.

And what’s his view about the printed word vs. its eformat?

King went on to say yesterday that, despite the concerns prevalent in some parts of the publishing industry, he doesn’t believe that the advent of ebooks heralds the death knell for the paper variety.

Through his books or words, getting people afraid, very afraid, is Stephen King’s trademark! More about the man here.


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