Of books & languages…

We came across this report (on similar lines to the TIME magazine report posted by us here recently) in the London Book fair website:

The popularity of the book is increasing in India as the economy thrives and spending habits change.

We take comfort in this development, for sure. After all, we do offer our members a choice from over 50,000 titles!

Another blog post that caught our eye is this one from The Guardian blog. Titled ‘English or Hinglish, does it really matter?’, the author, Ms. Anjoo Mohun, Head of Marketing and Communication for the British Council in India, opines:

English will always be the language of opportunity, but Hinglish is the language of friendship. MTV India knows that. That’s why it asks its audiences to be cool, I mean bindaas!

Yup, bindaas is the attitude. Just 2 days ago, the Supreme Court has ruled that

“……..there is nothing on record to suggest that any provision has been made or order issued declaring Hindi as a national language of the country.”

Perhaps, Hinglish is truly the way to go for India and its vast population of youngsters.

What say, yaar?