Question time

2 events that led to this post of ours.

Yesterday, in an article titled ’60 years of  Wisdom & Insight’  DNA Bangalore published quotes from women across Bangalore  commenting about what Republic Day meant to them.  Reshma Pooviah had this to say:

…..and, if we could only improve the quality of our politicians, India will be the best.

Today, we read about the release of the book by Rajya Sabha MP & distinguished bureaucrat N K Singh’s book, Not by Reason Alone: The Politics of Change.

Hmmm.  What we’d love to know is this – when can we expect to read a book titled:

‘By Reason of Governance Alone: The Change in India’s Politics & Fortunes’

If & when it is published, you can bet we’ll have it for you, pronto!


PS: Keep an eye out for our next Q & A here with Preeti Satish, author, 34 Bubblegums & Candies