Budget Proposals

Today is budget day and the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, who will be presenting his 5th Budget in Parliament, might just take into account the following proposals that were presented to him earlier by the ALIKE i.e Association of Libraries in India for increasing Knowledge & Education: Increasing budget allocation on all kind of libraries – central, state, district, town, city, municipal, residential…you get the idea Make books more … More Budget Proposals

Cooking up stories

With a headline like the one above, we’ll be relieved if it doesn’t remind you of events in the recent past about a certain company (now in a new avatar) which has become the role model for what ‘cooking the books’ ought to mean! Nope, this news is even better: Indian book publisher Undercover Utopia … More Cooking up stories

Behave or else?!

Picture above shows a poster displayed at our Whitefield library.  Nearly all the points contained therein are in the interest of developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our members. Only the last point – that of  ‘maintaining silence’ – appears as though addressing a behavior issue. We’ve not had any problems requesting our members for that, too. Universally, it’s … More Behave or else?!

Planner non-pareil

Introducing the newest member of the JustBooks clc branch network in Bangalore – HSR Layout! Our franchisee recalls with pride how he began his meticulous planning for the library since December 20th, 2009. His efforts ( & the architect’s vision ) have resulted in this beautiful, compact 900+ sq. ft library. You can view all … More Planner non-pareil

E-readers in India

Business Standard has an interesting article in yesterday’s edition titled ‘ Turning a digital page’: Bookworms warm up to the e-reader, but the device will take a few years to catch on in India. Interesting references to a recent survey about e-readers & their acceptability factor in India: 93 per cent of e-reader owners are … More E-readers in India

Toy Story, 1 & 2

On one hand, there is no dearth of entrepreneurs willing to take risks and offer new products and services. Toy Libraries? Whoever heard of them? You’ll be surprised to know that they are plenty of them in Bangalore city. The seeds of this business model wafted from up north – Delhi, Mumbai & Pune, where … More Toy Story, 1 & 2