Policy Changes & Stately Matters

We came across this announcement by the National Book Trust and keenly await the survey results:

Perturbed by the dwindling interest in reading among youngsters, the National Book Trust (NBT) is doing a readership survey amongst the youth of the country.

The website has the National Book Trust describe itself  ‘as a professional body working for the past 50 years in the field of quality education.’

The survey is being conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research.

The Chairman of the NBT opined:

‘Based on the survey’s results, we will seek a change in the policy of the publishing industry. We will try and publish more books that the youngsters would like to read,’ he added

Hmmm.  Policy change, indeed. In an open economy, market forces dictate demand & supply.  We are not sure what ‘policy changes’ mean but imagine a scenario where publishers are told to dedicate x% of books towards a particular genre, say,  History of India. They are sure to baulk!

Meanwhile, the Delhi Public Library (DPL) has organized an exhibition of books and audiovisual archives that capture and showcase unique exhibits encompassing last 60 years and more. Full details here.

In Jammu, the J & K government

…… will set-up two libraries exclusively for women in the city and in Srinagar, state Tourism and Culture Minister Nawang Rigzin Jora announced recently!