Read, rent & return

Return. That’s the operative word. And our byline – read (or browse ), rent, RETURN makes it pretty clear. Its the linchpin of our business model & a membership requirement. We reckon the same rule applies to every library for whom books are the central resource.

As with all rules, there will be exceptions. So, we were not surprised to read that some folk take their own sweet time to return books. Sample, for instance,

Man returns book after 145 years ( yup, you read that right – 145 years!)

A library book overdue for 110 years has been returned

Man returns book after 99 years; book originally borrowed by his mother in 1910

Library book returned after 73 years by an 85-year-old man

Library book returned after 60 years

Man returns book after 54 years

In most of the above cases, the returnees become minor celebrities, the fines are waived,  books gratefully acknowledged by the library and then showcased as trophies!

In rare cases, books are returned in anonymous packages with fines ($1000!!) enclosed in a sealed cover.

In some cases, an amnesty scheme ensures that books get returned. As in this case!

But what takes the cake, in our view, is this library in Westminister, Massachusetts, who have decided to take the matter seriously.

Forbush Memorial Library patrons who fail to return their loans on time now have their names forwarded to the local police department and could even receive a visit from officers.

And how do members & locals view this policy?

Many locals also do not agree with police involvement in enforcing library policies.

Ha! As Holmes would have said ‘Elementary, my dear Watson!’

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