Behave or else?!

Picture above shows a poster displayed at our Whitefield library.  Nearly all the points contained therein are in the interest of developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our members.

Only the last point – that of  ‘maintaining silence’ – appears as though addressing a behavior issue. We’ve not had any problems requesting our members for that, too. Universally, it’s de rigueur for a library to ask users to maintain silence.

And so, it was interesting to read this report from The Independent, Nebraska titled ‘Library looking to better define behaviour policy’ citing attempts by the The Grand Island Public Library Board in seeking to set definition(s) to its “user behavior policy”.

Discussion on the policy will begin at the March 15 library board meeting, with a new policy expected to be in place by May.

Here are some of the prohibited behaviors at the Grand Island Public Library and the suggested penalties ( in order, first, second, third & repeat ) for adults.

  • Refusal to comply with staff request – 1 month / 6 months  / 12 months 24 months
  • Abusive language to staff/security – 3 months 6 months 24 months permanent
  • Sleeping in the library (not just briefly closed eyes) – Wake up call leave for day 3 months 6 months
  • Inappropriate use of restrooms – 1 month 6 months 12 months
  • Making threats of violent behavior – 12 months permanent
  • Pulling fire alarm – 6 months permanent

There are plenty more which the report lists. Do have a look. All we say after reading it is: Wow! Asking for silence in our libraries seems so tame in comparison!

As said by Shakespeare in Henry VI, Part 2, 1592:

“Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.”