The coming boom

Image Source: The Hindu

The Hindu in a report of today states:

In the next decade, publishers forecast that India will become the biggest English language book-buying market in the world. New distribution networks and an increasing presence of chains of major bookstores are also fuelling the expansion.

“At the moment the market is probably about 5 million people,” said Anantha Padmanabhan, Penguin’s director of sales in India. “That is set to increase dramatically.”

In a recent survey the four most popular books in India were all by Chetan Bhagat, a former investment banker turned author who has sales totalling more than three-million in the last five years and whose most recent work, Two States, has shifted a million copies in under four months.

Well, it appears that the anticipated market explosion for books will impact reading habits of people positively and increase demand for libraries, such as ours.

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