What’s happening, you ask?

It’s paradoxical that, even as reading & the world of physical books are reaching an inflection point with the arrival of e-readers & the iPAD, the publishing & literary scene in India could hardly care less. Reason? They are on a roll. Here are a couple of trends becoming apparent:

Vernacular pulp fiction is being rediscovered at the same time as Indian literary writing in English is growing popular. There is a new genre of writing that is beginning to fit into the category of ‘good, trashy, popular’ according to Literary critic Nilanjana S Roy.  Pulp fiction writer Pathak feels that the lack of “competition” from original pulp fiction written in English will only lead to a growth in translated pulp fiction. Here’s the link to an article in the Business Standard that makes for interesting reading.

Contemporary literature and art in the realm of feminism may not have come of age but they are slowly and hesitantly beginning to capture the complex hybrid woman who takes both deference and power in her stride. Evidence of voices speaking out through books in this category are ‘Amen: An Autobiography of a Nun’ by Dr. Sr.Jesme & Tamil poet Kutti Revathi’s second book ‘Mulaigal.’  Another interesting development  is the genre of  ‘chick lit’ with books by authors such as Advaita Kala (‘Almost Single’) , Swati Kaushal (‘Piece of Cake’) & Kavita Daswani (‘Salaam, Paris’). Here’s a DNA report on these trends.

In an article titled ‘Rising tide for Indian writers also lifts Pakistani authors’, the National newspaper, Abu Dhabi quotes Bapsi Sidhwa as saying that the spectacular rise of Indian literature is making it easier for writers in rival Pakistan to get published.

Interesting developments, eh? Drop by here as we keep tabs on them.