A second shot at fame?

Less than four months after Sarah Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue, hit bookshelves and best-seller charts, the former Alaska governor will soon be penning her second book.

HarperCollins announced recently about a second book from the former governor of Alaska.

According to HC, the as-yet untitled book will be a “celebration of American virtues and strengths,” and will include excerpts chosen by Palin from and about people who have inspired her. Lately, Palin has remained a ubiquitous presence in the public consciousness  – Facebook, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno & as a commentator for Fox News.

Politicians’ books, usually with some combination of “American,” “Hope,” “Spirit,” “Liberty,” and “Believe” in the title and an image of them staring into the distance with conviction, are often a preliminary step towards starting a run for the presidency. Whether the presidency (or, electorate, for that matter)  is ready for them, is another issue altogether.

Keep watching here … we’ll keep you posted on this development soon. Our earlier post on Sarah Palin here.