You sophisticate, you

We came across this article here about the kind of books people read on public transportation (BMTC buses excluded – you’ll be lucky if you can get a place to stand; let alone a book to read!) to impress others or merely to avoid looking at fellow passengers!

The kind of literature one chooses to bring with them onto public transportation is, in our minds, the sole indicator of someone’s character.

The site lists ’10 of the most ubiquitous books seen on trains and buses’ which the traveller flaunts to get a favourable impression. Do check out the article fully. Some of the books mentioned are:

But we couldn’t suppress a laugh at the impression that carrying this book seeks to convey:

“Don’t be fooled by my corporate get-up, I’d rather be wearing a sari. Tonight I’m trying my hand at South Asian cooking. Hopefully my roommates won’t mind the aromatic flavors wafting through our apartment. Where am I from? Well, Long Island–but I can really identify with the plight of the Sri Lankans.”

Sri Lankans???


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