Here’s a case for returning

Here’s an issue that never fails to tickle us when conveyed to prospective members of JustBooks: Returning books borrowed. When told not to worry about the 3 aspects generally associated with libraries, they usually go ‘Whoa’!

  • No reading charges per book
  • No deadlines to return books
  • Therefore, No late fees

Of course, all this is possible because we have a monthly membership plans – depending on whether you want 2 , 3 or 4 books. It begins with a very affordable Rs. 150 per month – enough to trigger another ‘Whoa, you’re kidding me”.

We believe in keeping things simple as it takes away the worry library patrons subliminally are concerned with –  returning books back!

Take the case of Mr. George Washington. He may have been one of the founding fathers of the US, but he appears not to have been a model library patron.

Since George Washington could never tell a lie, presumably he would ’fess up to owing 1,677 pounds, 15 shillings and some odd pence in library fines for two books overdue for more than 220 years.

Washington borrowed two books – Law of Nations and Volume 12 of Commons Debatesfrom the New York Society Library on Oct. 5, 1789, according to the library’s first circulation ledger.

Library records do not show him returning it back. They still harbour a hope that his descendants may do the good deed.

In case they do, you know what to do to hear the news here?