Turning octogenarian

Nancy Drew readers might be forgiven for blinking on being informed that their intrepid, titian-haired girl detective was introduced to the reading world 80 years ago!

On April 28, 1930, the first three Nancy Drew books – The Secret of the Old ClockThe Hidden Staircase and The Bungalow Mystery — were released, opening up a world where girls could — and did — do anything

Here’s another fact we just discovered. According to Wikipedia:

Created by Edward Stratemeyer, founder of the Stratemeyer Syndicate book packaging firm, the character first appeared in 1930. The books have been ghostwritten by a number of authors and are published under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keene.

Nancy Drew has proved continuously popular worldwide: at least 80 million copies of the books have been sold and the books have been translated into over 45 languages. Nancy Drew has featured in five films, two television shows, and a number of popular computer games; she also appears in a variety of merchandise sold over the world.

Apart from the commercial success, the cultural impact of Nancy Drew has been enormous. Numerous other girls’ mysteries series, such as The Dana Girls Mystery Stories, the Kay Tracey Mystery Stories, Judy  Bolton etc. Many prominent and successful women cite Nancy Drew as an early formative influence whose character encouraged them to take on unconventional roles – examples such as Mrs. Bush & Mrs. Clinton, to name a few!

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