Bringing colour to the small screen

It was just a question of time and had to happen! Peer closely at this picture now. What do you see? Gotcha! Colour has come to E-books!

Pandigital, a company that specialises in digital photo frames is set to release a $199.99 color e-book reader.

Pandigital have formed a partnership with the world’s largest bookseller, Barnes & Noble (B&N), enabling readers to access and shop for the more than one million e-books, magazines and newspapers on the B&N eBookstore. Users can also download a large variety of free e-books and more than half a million free classics from the store.

We expect Apple & Amazon to accelerate any plans they might have to bring colour to their respective devices – the Ipad & Kindle.

Meanwhile, the trade show BookExpo America revved up its new abbreviated version here Tuesday, the digital publishing industry was given a prominent place at the annual gathering of one of the country’s most traditional businesses — the ink and paper world of book publishing.

A very prescient opinion expressed was this:

Mr. Teicher, CEO of the American Booksellers Association, a co-sponsor of BEA, urged participants to “forget about format and focus on content that meets the customers’ needs. Booksellers need to be “format neutral,” offering both print and digital copies of books. Click here to read entire article.

Lastly, the Telegraph reports that that ‘children as young as seven are more likely to own a mobile phone than a book, fuelling fears over a decline in reading‘ .

The study by the National Literacy Trust suggested a link between regular access to books outside school and high test scores.

Jonathan Douglas, National Literacy Trust director, said: “Our research illustrates the clear link with literacy resources at home and a child’s reading ability, as well the vital importance of family encouragement.

Full article here.  Do refer to our post of yesterday on the subject too.