A penalty of a post?

The penalty would be on us, we thought, if do not write about the current fever that plagues denizens of this planet, once in every 4 years. And so, to get the ball rolling, here’s the lowdown on some interesting books on football in our huge 100,000+ books collection.

One sec. Yep, we are supposed to keep our eye on the ball, we know, but did we mention that there is a blog site for this WorldCup? Here’s the link..check it out for constant updates on the game.

Type ‘football’ in the search area of the JustBooks website and you will get 34 books for reading.

Some of the more interesting ones are:

For young athletes who want to learn how to improve their soccer skills and become an advanced player, this exciting guide is the answer! Detailed photographs take readers through step-by-step drills on dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, playing goal, and more.

Packed with 1,000 brain teasing questions about UK, European and international football, created by the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? question masters, this is the ultimate quiz book for any football fan.

If you have ever wondered why and how football in India is at such an abysmal low as far as popularity is concerned,  here’s a book that will answer that question, amongst many others. There are stories here from the length and breadth of the footballing nation: of the first Indian footballer to play in Europe, Mohammed Salim, a Calcuttan who played for Celtic FC in 1936, for instance.

“Football and Gangsters” is an explosive in-depth investigation into the sinister underbelly of modern soccer. It exposes the new phenomenon of ‘taxing’ – a protection racket in which villains force young, highly paid Premiership stars and their agents to hand over cash under threat of injury and death.

Football Fables is a hilarious and fascinating anthology of stories from some of the most exciting names to have played the game. Some are outrageous, some sad, some downright bizarre – all are true, and straight from the mouths of the men who were there when it mattered.

Go on, borrow some of our books and brush up your knowledge of the game. As a footnote, let us remind you that you can transfer books from any of our other locations to you should you not find them at your nearest JustBooks library!