Paradise Gained

With due apologies to Milton, we are referring to the TOI article of yesterday titled ‘ Reader’s Paradise ‘ which states that reading / books is indeed on the upswing in Bangalore with data to prove it from a variety of sources. Sample this: By and large, Bangalore, believes Mayi (Gowda, Proprietor, Blossom Book House) … More Paradise Gained

Dating. By the book.

Nope, this blog is not turning into an online agony aunt (or, uncle!) column of sorts and preparing to lecture you on the how & why, the pros and cons of dating, speed or otherwise. But did you know that certain intrepid folks in the US have come up with a website on which you … More Dating. By the book.

Fan tastic?

Sure, you like books by certain authors and would give your right hand to collect their works, right from their first book. But, as a fan, could you do this? Nick Newcomen went a little further than most, spending a month driving more than 12,000 miles to inscribe his message – “Read Ayn Rand” – on … More Fan tastic?

Hail the reading habit

In a recent post, we’d confidently stated on this forum about how ….we’ve resuscitated the reading habit Our claim has been vindicated by the TOI in their news report of yesterday.  Titled ‘Rekindling the Reading habit’ the report covers the lost ground that is being reclaimed in the area of reading, books & libraries in … More Hail the reading habit

All eyes

In a sign that things are hotting up in the e-reader segment in India, the ET yesterday reported under the headline ‘ India’s first  e-reader Wink unveiled, supporting 15 languages’ that ….. launched its multi-function e-book reader Wink that not only supports 15 languages but will also offer over 200,000 book titles on debut. Strangely, the TOI … More All eyes

The JustBooks Universe

Scientists have proof that the Universe, as we know it, is expanding and apparently had a beginning. This beginning, termed the ‘Big Bang’, was when the universe expanded outwards from an extremely hot, dense phase to its present state. In a sense, the Big Bang for JustBooks happened with the commencement of the  Whitefield library and … More The JustBooks Universe