Tiger, Tiger, burning bright

A recent book release creating absolute bright sparks in the Indian publishing firmament has been ‘Tiger Hills’ by Sarita Mandanna.

Sparks because the author was reportedly paid Rs. 40 lakhs by Penguin India, a significant sum – the highest, apparently – paid for a first time author.  Secondly, the book is being sold in 16 countries with further launches planned across Europe and the US.

In the words of the author,

Tiger Hills is a period saga set in Coorg and is named after a coffee plantation owned by a particular family. The novel traces their lives, the attendant intertwining of hope and consequence(s) of choice, beginning in the late 1800s through the wartime years of the 20th century.

The novel spans a long and tumultuous period of history from 1878 to the 1940s and is therefore being compared with similar books notably ‘Gone with the Wind’ !!!

Here’s the book on our shelf:

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