Tally ho!

We pride ourselves on adding 4000 books to our inventory every month. Our tally as on date stands at over 1,50,000 books which members of our library chain can access at any point in time.

Yet, this huge collection seems like nothing at all to make a kerfuffle (uproar) about when you consider that Google has come up – supposedly – the total number of books that exist on this planet.

So Google have come up with a number, and it’s big. Thanks to the blistering pace of technology, of course, its claim that there are precisely 129,864,880 books in the world will already be just that little bit out of date – but it’s enough to set you thinking. [Source: Guardian.co.uk. You might also want to check out this post on booksearch.blogspot.com]

Yeah, we think we have quite a bit of a target to reach, that – 130 million books!

The mind boggles!


One thought on “Tally ho!

  1. Is there a way for members to suggest books for Just Books to buy? Is there a way to do this online or at the store? There are many occasions where a book search online results in 0 results. Maybe you can add a link there for the user to suggest a book to Just Books.


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