All eyes

In a sign that things are hotting up in the e-reader segment in India, the ET yesterday reported under the headline ‘ India’s first  e-reader Wink unveiled, supporting 15 languages’ that

….. launched its multi-function e-book reader Wink that not only supports 15 languages but will also offer over 200,000 book titles on debut.

Strangely, the TOI of today has reported that

After Infibeam’s Pi — the country’s first e-book reader — which was launched at the beginning of this year, India will have its second such device, the Wink XTS, which will begin retailing from September 1.

A case of two publications from the same group not seeing eye to eye on getting facts right? Or has one of them gone into error correction mode? Could be anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, this post is more about keeping our eyes open to the unfolding saga of technological improvements as they shape the contours of  aspects such as reading, writing, publishing & marketing.

With more players (Amazon’s Kindle was launched in India in October 2009;
Apple’s Ipad is due in September 2010 ) entering into this segment, its unclear whether an ‘eye for an eye’ approach to selling these readers will eventually happen.

This report on ‘Craze for e-readers in India yet to catch on’ suggests that manufacturers will have an uphill climb on their hands before acceptance levels increase & upward sales figures become a sight for sore eyes.

Meanwhile, with our memberships on the upswing & offtake of books peaking month on month, we keep hitting just one thing: