Hail the reading habit

In a recent post, we’d confidently stated on this forum about how

….we’ve resuscitated the reading habit

Our claim has been vindicated by the TOI in their news report of yesterday.  Titled ‘Rekindling the Reading habit’ the report covers the lost ground that is being reclaimed in the area of reading, books & libraries in Bangalore considering the changes that are wrought by technology.

But for the few who still prefer to turn pages, breathing in their smell and feel the weight of a book in their hands, all is not quite lost. In keeping with the times libraries have evolved to match the needs of the day. The old-fashioned library, with floor-to-ceiling shelves and the clichéd librarian staring sternly at noisemakers over the rims of her spectacles, seems to be a thing of the past. Instead, Bangalore has found new ways of catering to the avid readers’ every taste.

What makes us particularly happy is that JustBooks as a company is being considered as a prime mover in the book lending space:

Rent-and-read places are growing increasingly popular. In several neighbourhoods, you will find one of these tucked away in some quiet corner. Differing from the traditional library in the manner of borrowing, they usually have specific schemes. For example, ‘Just Books’, located in Fraser Town, has a package for the ‘Avid Reader’, which includes 4 books and 2 magazines a month for an annual reading fee of Rs 4,000. It has other plans to suit different readers, and almost a dozen branches in the city. Interestingly, Just Books has a very user-friendly website (www.justbooksclc.com), not only cataloguing the books, but also recommending and reviewing books, and creating a forum for literary discussion.

Praise like this is enough to make us feel justifiably proud with all the sweat and toil that has gone into our on the ground investments in 20+ big & small libraries in Bangalore and other cities. However, this is just the beginning in our long journey. For our true mission is really to ensure

to get every reader a book and every book, a reader

Noble stuff, eh?


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  1. Hi,

    Kudos for the good work.

    I would like to get in touch with someone in management at Just Books. Or the address of your office. Would be glad if you could provide me with the above info.



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