Riding the Metro, reading away to glory

Public transport users in India will agree that it is well nigh impossible to read a book (or, even glance through one!) during a commute in our metros what with bumpy roads, ill-disciplined road users and stop & go traffic.

However, it appears that with the coming of Metro Trains in major Indian cities, one is likely to find bookworms skimming pages during a relatively smooth journey. Unless, of course, trains run chock-a-block, space is at an absolute premium and one risks getting one’s nose buried in the pages of a book.

In the MetroPlus supplement of the Hindu, Bangalore edition today, contributor Subash Balakrishnan talks about the etiquettes that one must follow on the metro system:

………….the metro is a place where Bangaloreans can unwind by listening to music or reading a book.

What do you think, dear reader? Would you travel on Namma Metro with a book  [ from JustBooks, no doubt! 🙂 ] for company? Is there a glorious future for books being read aboard Metro trains in India?

The Tokyo Metro, apparently, frowns on the habit of reading! Here’s a poster from the campaign.

This English gent, though, has found a near perfect way to combine group reading of depressing, dreary, daily news dashed with loads of titillation – Lady Chatterley’s Lover, indeed!