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Our post of Sep 24th – ‘Different folks, Different Strokes’ has elicited two responses both of which are very interesting, to say the least. Both of them are reproduced here…take a look:

Commenter ‘R’ says:

I don’t think constantly weeding out unread books is such a great idea, even while leaving a copy behind. The library just ends up being a stockpile of best-sellers (as it appears now – I am a member). That’s because very likely you’ll just not procure such books (by the same author, on the same topic, etc.) going forward in order to provide “true value for [our] membership”.

You need to give books some time on the shelves for folks to stumble onto them after they have exhausted their “must-read” lists. This serendipity is what is so valuable in a good library.

Ramya adds:

Yes, I also feel that ‘less read’ books should not be ‘weeded out’. And honestly, it surprised me that you should say ‘weeded out’. There are books that may be waiting to be discovered.

Maybe, in fact, like Bangalore University is doing, it is a good idea to bring such books out in the sun so people consider them.

Today, the most marketed books hog the limelight (and the readership). That does not mean that lesser known books are good-for-nothing and be removed from the library.

Thank you, R & R, for your feedback. Much appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “New perspectives

  1. Thank you, R for your continuing interest on this forum and your feedback. You bet we appreciate it. We have gone one step ahead – we actually picked your nit and corrected the mistake too! Aren’t we nice brokes…er, blokes? 🙂


  2. Thank you for appreciating our feedback. I hope you
    act on it and actually stop the weeding out of less
    popular books as well. 🙂

    By the way, a small nit with this post: you should link
    to the actual post when you refer to “Different folks,
    Different Strokes” so that readers can navigate to the
    referred to post.

    Do keep up the good work. We have been waiting for
    something like JustBooks for a long time in Bangalore.


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