An iconic sale

The Economic Times reported 2 days ago that

Two iconic works — one billed as the most expensive book in the world and the other the most important book in all of English Literature — will go under the hammer at a Sotheby’s auction here on December 7 .

David Goldthorpe, director and senior specialist in Sotheby’s Books and Manuscripts Department remarked

“….the sale offers the twin peaks of book collecting – the most expensive book in the world, Audubon’s ‘Birds of America’ and the most important book in all of English literature, Shakespeare’s ‘First Folio’.

Quoted three times by Charles Darwin in “The Origin of Species”, Audubon’s work inspired generations of ornithologists, in particular his famed “Birds of America”, a copy of which is included in the sale with an estimate of 4,000,000-6,000,000 pounds.

Containing 36 plays, the “First Folio” is the cardinal point of all Shakespeare’s dramatic output. Eighteen of the 36 plays included in the “Folio”, among them “Macbeth”, “The Tempest” and “Twelfth Night”, were printed for the first time, which means that without the Folio they might well have been lost forever. It has an estimate of 1,000,000-1,500,000 pounds.

Well, we should have warned ya.  Seeing the prices being bandied out above was enough to make anyone fall off his/her chair. Hope you’re not too badly hurt!