A splash of colour

Bookseller Barnes & Noble has announced the release of a new version of its Nook e-book reader with a color screen. The new eBook reader is a 7-inch tablet based on Android, but with a focus on reading.

The devices are now shipping to customers who pre-ordered online and are available in Barnes & Noble stores.

The company is referring to the device as a “reader’s tablet,” as it combines features of e-book readers such as the earlier Nook devices with characteristics of tablet devices such as the Apple iPad, including web browsing and music streaming.

The new NOOKcolor device has a 7-inch color touchscreen and will deliver digital books, magazines and newspapers in 16 million colors. The price of the color screen, however, is shorter battery life; while the earlier Nook devices last up to ten days, the color version will last just eight hours.

The Nook Color will not replace the original Nook, but does seem to fill the space of a higher-end device from the retailer. It has access to all the same content as the Nook, but now features full-color magazines that you can try for free for 14 days. The magazines might be cramped compared to the iPad, but should look nice on the 1024×600 IPS display, the 178° viewing angle doesn’t hurt either. Barnes & Noble is also introducing Nook Kids, a children’s ebook store, which works well with the new “Read To Me” feature, so you can just give your kid the Nook Color, and the book can read itself for them.

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