Begone, you bugs!

If there is one issue that bugs us booklovers, verily, its them. Bugs, I mean. Haven’t we all dropped a book in a hurry when we’ve seen them crawl out suddenly from inside the pages or the spine of a dear & cherished book? Just in case you think these creatures are a 20th century phenomenon, rest assured they are not.

In this article penned by the venerable K.K.S Murthy, Proprietor of Select Bookshop, Bangalore, he states:

….Aristotle in his Historia Animalium complained that he had found tail-less scorpion and other arachnids between the leaves of his books.

 In the recently concluded Bangalore Book Fair, we bumped into Mr. Murthy in his stall. Cordial as always, he posed happily for our roving camera:

One of these days, we will interview him for our blog here! Stay tuned!