You’ll love this asana

Sorry to keep coming back to this pose…er, prose. But we couldn’t help but notice plenty of references to this book in the media.

In this article / interview published in LiveMint, Author Milan Vohra says “I was always clear that I wanted to be a writer, but at the time I was growing up, there was no notion that fiction writing was any kind of career. So I went into advertising, starting out as a copywriter in 1985.”

Around the same time, in this interview to Hindustan Times, the author states that all M&B plots compliment Bollywood rom-coms. “I’m surprised Bollywood hasn’t turned to them for ‘inspiration’ yet! I can totally see Isha Sharwani as Pari and Abhay Deol as Vivan,” she says. In fact, filmmakers have already approached her, but she is not ready to divulge any details yet.

Till we bring you news whether in fact Abhay plays Vivan or not,  banish those knots, stay loose!