Like father, like sons

Two new books on the Reagan era, penned by Reagan’s sons: On Feb. 6, 1911, Ronald Reagan was born. At least two books mark the centennial this year: “My Father at 100,” a memoir by Reagan’s son Ron, and ‘The New Reagan Revolution’ by Michael Reagan. The Washington Post has more on these two books … More Like father, like sons

No Sur’prizes’ here

Well, its always nice to get some feedback about the service offerings of JustBooks, particularly on online sites which tout ‘ honest user reviews’ We came across a member of our Vijaya Bank Colony branch, Nemali, writing about us here on Iam enjoying myself by getting to read so many books at just 200Rs … More No Sur’prizes’ here

Halycon days

I will be the best mum I can to my girls but as they grow and reach towards the sun I can only do so much, the local library is somewhere I can take them to try on identies via fiction and know, like Narnia if you open the door to a library you have … More Halycon days

Welcome aboard

Our clarion call on Republic Day – a placement in the Ascent supplement of TOI. Hop onto an exciting ride with Strata Retail, the company behind the JustBooks brand. ūüôā

Hear ye, Hear ye

By now, we’ve seen and read articles/interviews featuring ¬†JustBooks Founder, R SundarRajan. ¬†You can find some of them on our website here.¬†Its time now to go one step further – hear the story from the man himself!!!! Here he is in this CNBC feature ‘Young Turks’ (Source: Try we did but couldn’t plug that … More Hear ye, Hear ye

Bound & unfettered?

There are many books that narrate India’s rise from being a colonial hangover to one that is flexing its muscles on the world’s stage, with attendant changes to its social, political and economic structures.¬†Once such book would be Gurcharan Das’s book ‘ India Unbound’. In it,¬†Das tells the stories of the major players in a … More Bound & unfettered?

Bloody Hell

Well, after getting many emails screaming bloody murder if we didn’t start posting here soon, we thought it was apt to write on the subject. Murder, that is. Now you must be asking what in heaven’s name is a film poster doing here on a blog about books & reading. Simple. The film ‘Saat Khoon … More Bloody Hell