Bloody Hell

Well, after getting many emails screaming bloody murder if we didn’t start posting here soon, we thought it was apt to write on the subject. Murder, that is.

Now you must be asking what in heaven’s name is a film poster doing here on a blog about books & reading.

Simple. The film ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ is a film adaptation of the book ‘Sussanna’s Seven Husbands‘ by the venerable Ruskin Bond. The short story appears in RB’s book ‘ When Darkness falls and other stories’. In fact, he’s the scriptwriter for the film! As if this was not enough, he gets to star in a cameo role in the film opposite Piggy Chops! Wooohooo!

On Piggy Chops, this is what India’s Mr. Bond had to say:

“I haven’t actually seen her films. She gives a lot of interviews on TV so I have seen her occasionally. My protagonist comes from an Anglo-Indian background, she is a beautiful lady, but reserved. She isn’t very glamorous like Ms Chopra and doesn’t try to charm men in obvious ways. I hope Vishal will keep that in his characterization. She is very smart too. She even gives an old husband of hers an overdose of Viagra in my story, who of course can’t take it. No, no, I can’t give out anymore of the story. My only regret will be, I couldn’t be cast as one of Ms Chopra’s seven husbands. Guess I am too old for that (laughs).”

Here’s a trailer of the film.