Bound & unfettered?

There are many books that narrate India’s rise from being a colonial hangover to one that is flexing its muscles on the world’s stage, with attendant changes to its social, political and economic structures. Once such book would be Gurcharan Das’s book ‘ India Unbound’.

In it, Das tells the stories of the major players in a period of rapid and profound change—from early days of Independence to the current software impresarios—and makes comprehensible and compelling the economic and political developments responsible for these changes. He weaves his personal story into the larger context of contemporary history: his family’s move t America in the mid-1950s, his education at Harvard, his years in India as a youngmarketing executive wrestling with a socialist system he feared would undermine the country’s vast potential. He also shows us the reasons behind his optimism for his nation’s future, among which is the exciting landscape of information technology today. From here

In an article in today’s supplement ‘Spectrum’ from the Deccan Herald, cricketer Srikanth talks about him reading & liking this book.