No Sur’prizes’ here

Well, its always nice to get some feedback about the service offerings of JustBooks, particularly on online sites which tout ‘ honest user reviews’

We came across a member of our Vijaya Bank Colony branch, Nemali, writing about us here on

Iam enjoying myself by getting to read so many books at just 200Rs per month and wanted to share my experince so that any one searching for good library can be benifited…

Thanks, Nemali!

One thought on “No Sur’prizes’ here

  1. I would also like to share my feedback..
    honestly i find justbooks a very good endavour… i can enjoy my favorite books at affordable prices….
    However there is scope for improvement in magazines section ( I hardly get my favourite magazines available)
    Also including technical books will be nice (considering bangalore is full of software professionals )
    –from avid member at Indira Nagar…


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