Catching them young

The Deccan Herald of today carries an reprint from NYT titled ‘ EBook Devices draw in younger Generation’

But now that e-readers are cheaper and more plentiful, they have gone mass market, reaching consumers across age and demographic groups, and enticing some members of the younger generation to pick them up for the first time.

An interesting article, to say the least, trends seem to point towards the younger generation in the US opting for e-readers over books.

And since we seem to ape the West in every which way, catching a cold when they sneeze, for instance, it remains to be seen how companies here will take on the challenge of enabling a whole new cultural shift in reading.

Stick around here and we’ll capture those trends as they happen and share them with you.


One thought on “Catching them young

  1. Indian Readers are still away from ereaders as popular Ereaders (kindle and others) have not launched their products officially in India and hence they are not affordable/approachable for everyone.

    I am too a Kindle Owner but
    Feeling of reading books in hard copy is amazing and that’s the reason I have avid reader membership at Just Books. And some books particularly Indian novels which are not available in digital format I get from just books


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