News aplenty about Nerul!

The HindustanTimes carried the above  report today on our Nerul Branch.

One thought on “News aplenty about Nerul!

  1. Our children learn from us, so we need to be an inspiration to them and encourage them in all areas – be it academic or extracurricular. If we show interest in math and science, they do too. If we like cricket, they like it too. Similarly, if we show an interest in books, they will too.
    Reading is a simple, relaxing and enjoyable way for parents to spend time with children. It is an excellent way to bond and show them that they are important to us.
    The summer holidays are the perfect time to encourage your child to read, and what better way of doing that than becoming a member of a library.
    Just Books has provided a much-needed ‘oasis’ for ‘thirsty’ readers of Navi Mumbai! I have been a member of the library since they opened in Nerul in May 2010. It has been exciting to see their collection growing each month. Recently, the library has also begun organizing storytelling sessions on Sunday mornings.
    My daughter is an avid reader and enjoys visiting the library each week. My son, who is a beginner reader, also enjoys reading thanks to inspiration from his sister and the family.
    Before the library was established, we used to hang out at the mall. But now, if the children are bored, they want to go to Just Books to browse and borrow books.
    Visiting the Just Books library is an outing the entire family looks forward to!


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