I, Book Robot?

This news report on CNET.com was shared with us (Thanks, V) which begins, on a rather ominous note: If books are dying a slow death, libraries are also living on borrowed time. But that didn’t stop the University of Chicago from sinking $81 million into the new Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, which ironically doesn’t have … More I, Book Robot?

Disruptive times, these

Kate Sidley in her blog @Books Live writes: My point, in case you were beginning to wonder, is that we are living through an extraordinary time in the world of books and publishing. Sort of mirrors David’s line that we carried in this recent post of ours. What says you?

Of Giants & Ordinary Men

Came across this interesting juxtaposition of 2 new books on a JustBooks library shelf. History will attest that Gandhi (whatever his foibles / quirks were that are now being highlighted by authors emerging from the woodwork to make money, no doubt) was a giant killer re: the British empire!!! 🙂