Horror of Horrors

A news report in the Deccan today titled ‘Reading books makes one vampires or wizards’ states:

A new study has claimed that children more or less ”become” vampires or wizards just by reading books about them.


Psychologists at the University of Buffalo have found that this is because one not only feels like the characters one reads about but, psychologically speaking, becomes part of their world and derive emotional benefits from the experience.

The study also found that the sense of belonging that results from assimilating narratives provokes the same feelings of satisfaction and happiness one would have if one actually was part of the world described.

“Social connection is a strong, human need and anytime we feel connected to others, we feel good in general, and feel good about our lives. Our study results demonstrate that the assimilation of a narrative allows us to feel close to others in the comfort of our own space and at our own convenience.

Well, we must say we worry about this report and its implications. For we know of one person who loves to read Ian  Fleming.

We wonder if he will now morph into James Bond, with a licence to kill?

Chilling thought, this!