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The Hindu Literary Prize 2011 is announced

Charles Nicholl in the Guardian, writes about RK Narayan and the magic of Malgudi

Lo & Behold, David Davidar is back in a new avatar – the top honcho @ Aleph!  

Indian publishing’s poster boy is back. David Davidar, the man who virtually invented market-facing English language publishing in India, is setting up a new publishing firm. Named the Aleph Book Company, the firm is being set up by Davidar in partnership with Rupa Publications India.

The Aleph book Company derives its name multiple sources – among other things Aleph is the first letter in many alphabets; it is a point in space that contains everything in the universe, as imagined by Jorge Luis Borges in his famous short story, ‘The Aleph’, and in mathematics it is associated with infinite sets in set theory.

Kapish G Mehra, Managing Director of Rupa, said: ” Aleph is the perfect way to commemorate our 75th anniversary as the new company will complement and round out our existing publishing. We at Rupa our privileged to work with David, as we take the next big step in our publishing journey.”