For (the) Bes (t) Article on JustBooks

Image  Courtesy: Girish GV, Forbes India

Titled ‘ Reading made Easy – Why JustBooks Libraries Work’  here’s an article on JustBooks from the current edition of Forbes Magazine.

A better sense of what JustBooks libraries offer members can be summed up in this one comment from a member of ours:

“The clichéd image of a library — dusty, books untouched, no one knows what is where — is done away with,” says Ramesh Prabhu, a book lover and a member of Just Books.”

As to what is the road ahead for JustBooks is encapsulated in this line:

He also sees an opportunity to convert his libraries into community centres and grow other businesses through that, such as holiday planning and developing a music hub.

Check out the article at this URL here.