JustBooks Banashankari inaugurated

Our newest library on the block – JustBooks Banashankari – was inaugurated yesterday in traditional style with blessings from author & blogger, Mr. K.A Chinoy.

JustBooks Founder & CEO, R.Sundar Rajan handing over a bouquet to our Banashankari franchisee, Smitha Keeran Suresh. Incidentally, Smith & Suresh are also proud owners of JustBooks RajaRajeshwari Nagar.  Double Kudos to them!

4 thoughts on “JustBooks Banashankari inaugurated

    1. Hi Joyce,
      The Just Books Banashankari store is on the Outer Ring Road, Above Tanishq, Opposite Airtel & Looking Good Furniture. The nearest other landmarks are Kamakya Theatre and the BMTC Bus Depot. You can call us on 41637052 between 1000 hrs & 2100 hrs (Closed on Mondays), in case you require better directions.


  1. I would like to say opening New branch is not enough rather than i will suggest take initiative to keep enough stock in existing library.

    Like AECS layout contains 10% of the books of what whitefield branch have and from marathalli i have to go to forum extension mall to have good collection to pick suitable books.

    I am irregular reader and whenever I ask AECS layout staff why this branch is not having enough stock ( which they accept and say that whitefield is main branch and having more stock ).

    how about having the store in Marathalli ( Munne Kolala) a big building for itself rather than operating in small office space at prime locations and getting excuse of no stock or less stock


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