Hindustan ke Shaan

Our new JustBooks Powai branch continues to be featured in the news media.

The Hindustan Times, Mumbai Edition, carries an article titled ‘Community based libraries open in City’

Book aficionados now have another reason to cheer. In yet another attempt to boost and encourage the reading habit among Mumbaikars, a Bangalore-based venture is opening community-based reading libraries titled Just Books CLC across the city.

Our plans for Mumbai continue unabated. In this context,

The venture also plans to open more outlets along the city’s Western Railway route by the year-end.

“We have a community-centric model with a physical shop that offers members access to books that they can rent, read and return,” says D Ravi Kumar, Senior Manager – Franchise Development, Just Books CLC. He, however, adds that they want to focus on offline activities that encourage people to visit the library rather than simply choosing the books from the e-catalogue