Shoot captured on TV

Yup, this is a follow up post to our recent one about JustBooks founder, R. Sundar Rajan being featured today in the CNBC programme ‘Young Turks’ Dream Decade. Unfortunately, we are unable to embed the video onto this page. Hence, this link. Do take a look and shoot across your feedback / comments to us. 🙂

The K factor

An apt phrase that comes to mind is  ‘Kabhi Khushi…..Khushiyon, Khushi’. The reason for this euphoria has everything to do with new locations & libraries coming up either in cities or in places starting with the alphabet ‘K’. Take Kochi, for instance. Kolkata, after that. Add Kondapur & Karkhana (Hyderabad) next. Factor in Kothrud (Pune). Kandivili … More The K factor

JustBooks Founder involved in a shoot!

Before you go into a fit of apoplexy, let us clarify that JustBooks Founder, R. Sundar Rajan was shot  for an episode of CNBC’s popular television programme, ‘Young Turks’ at our Marathahalli office. Young Turks puts the spotlight on young entrepreneurs poised to be tomorrow’s leaders. The show traces their journey from who they were to … More JustBooks Founder involved in a shoot!